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Over the years many people have come asking for personal guidance and it has become a love-filled passion to work one-on-one with individuals and thus to create ripples in our families and communities. Individuals who are living from their wholeness, self-love and deep connectedness create a world that is an expression of that. This is our intention and hope in offering this heartful work. 

Private sessions are a partnership intended to create the supportive environment and uncover the possibilities that will allow you to truly live your deepest purpose of knowing your heart and truth. Tiffany works with individuals, couples and groups who are yearning for depth and freedom in their lives. She acts as a "dharma usher", enabling anyone who is ready and yearning to live as deepest Self, with presence, harmony, inspiration and love. Together we uncover the empowered insight for you to live a life of beauty and richness. It doesn't mean these sessions are always easy; you may experience resistance, fear and challenges along the way, as many of the old attachments are surrendered in the face of revelations.

An ideal way for many individuals to be guided towards seeing their own intrinsic freedom, and to discover yoga, meditation, tantra and ayurveda is through private sessions. Sessions can be with individuals, couples and groups for satsangs, workshops, private yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, retreats, or a mixture of it all.  Your needs will be discussed and assessed in the comfort of your own home, online, at a studio or even outside in nature. This is all decided by you and gives you the flexibility you may be looking for. Sessions are also available via online platforms (Skype/Zoom) allowing anyone in the world to access these offerings.

Some of the benefits of private sessions, either as an individual or group:

  • Personal attention and focus, as well as privacy & anonymity

  • Direct enquiry and approaching your places of challenge with specific, unique guidance

  • Development of a personal sadhana (practice) that is created just for you

  • Specific therapeutic benefits tailored towards treating physical, emotional and mental trauma or illness.

  • Convenience of session times that fit your schedule

  • Private group classes designed specifically for the needs of the group - e.g. Meditation sessions for addiction recovery

  • Private retreats for individuals, couples, families or groups in destinations worldwide


Initial Complimentary Session (20 minutes)

Private Session Rates:
1 hour:         $120
10 Sessions: $900 

* Creative sliding scale fees, bartering and exchange possibilites are always considered.


Satsangs, Workshops & Private Retreats Rates - contact us for more details