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Yantra, Mantra, Tantra Workshop - LAKEFIELD, ON

  • Stoney Lake Wellness 3355 Lakefield Rd Harcourt, ON, K0L Canada (map)


Exploring the Power of Sound, Form and Energy.

In this 2-day Workshop we will dive into an exploration of Sound, Form and Energy as they are understood and used in the traditional Tantric path. Tantric spirituality is inclusive and embraces all of life, seeing all of creation and energies of the universe as manifestations of the same one Divine source. Today there is often confusion as to what the term Tantra truly means and it is commonly relegated to being an esoteric sexual practice - this is a complete misunderstanding. Tantra can be translated as "Web" or "Weave" and this translation points to its true intention which is to acknowledge that all of existence is interconnected and part of the same great fabric of life. During this workshop we will journey into the key practices of using Yantra, Mantra & Tantra to glimpse the interconnectedness that is at the core of all of life. The ancient wisdom of Tantra is highly applicable today in that it is a spirituality that invites us to embrace and live life fully rather than requiring any renunciation, denial or retreat from the world. 

Some of what will be explored:

YANTRA: We will learn the power that is contained within form and how to connect with traditional, auspicious Yantras, which are geometrical forms that intend to contain and communicate specific energies (e.g. Compassion)


MANTRA: We will discover the power of sound and learn to use internal and external chanting to connect with specific energies and to bring healing to all levels of our being.


TANTRA: We will explore the teachings of the Mahavidyas (the 10 Wisdom Goddesses) and learn how connecting to these 10 aspects of the universe can bring resounding effects in all parts of our lives.


This workshop does not require any previous knowledge or practice in Yoga & Meditation. The only requirement is an open heart and an inquisitive mind!

Yoga Teachers can receive Continuing Education Credits for attending this workshop.

Date: May 9-10, 2015 (9am - 5pm both days)

Location: Stoney Lake Wellness, Lakefield, Ontario

Investment: $150