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Sacred Relationships Retreat - Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island, ON

  • Shanti Retreat Wolfe Island, Ontario Canada (map)

Sacred Relationships Retreat - Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island, ON

Join us for this weekend of exploration and introduction into Tantra, Partner Yoga and Compassionate Communication, as we explore ways to maintain, improve and re-ignite connection, communication and sexual intimacy. We will offer various techniques, exercises and a wealth of comprehensive information drawing from the teachings of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Compassionate Communication, Modern Sexology, Ayurveda and our own relationship! This will be a weekend filled with explorations, play and transformation in the way in which you view sexuality, partnership and love.

Some of the topics covered will include:

~ Tantric Sexuality - How do we remember the Sacredness of Sexuality? This will be an exploration and an unlearning of some of the conditionings and limiting beliefs we hold around sexuality, relationships and the sexes.

~ Sexology - Mechanics, tools and practices for more pleasurable, sensual, prolonged and orgasmic lovemaking for both men and women. We will also discuss the importance of the sexual energy for health and well-being and the benefits of channeling and directing this energy.

~ Ayurvedic considerations - Ojas (Vigor/Vital force); Maintaining and replenishing sexual energy; Simple aphrodisiacs and reproductive tonics; Dietary & Lifestyle considerations

~ Yoga practice - You will learn 'partner yoga' and the beauty of practicing, playing and connecting as one on the mat. We will also introduce a series of specific yoga asanas that will assist in the control, movement and awareness of the potency of the sexual energy, as well as their healing potential for the reproductive organs.

~ Meditation - Together we will explore meditation practices that focus upon opening our hearts to connection, pure love and deep intimacy with ourselves, our lovers and in our general relation to others.

~ Breathwork/Pranayama - An introduction into specific breathing techniques that can offer the benefit of guiding the sexual energy to bring about states of deep peace, love and presence.

~ Compassionate Communication - We will offer ways to remember and maintain empathic, loving and connected communication with your partner, how to deeply listen and honor your own needs and the needs of the other, and how to move forward without blame or shame from times of discord and disconnection.

This is the perfect gift to yourself and to that special someone in your life and will deeply transform how you engage in all relationships in your life - with your children, co-workers, family, Self... 

* This course will be comfy and applicable for both singles and couples, and there will be absolutely no nudity or explicit exercises.



Thursday, Oct 13 - Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 



Shanti Retreat

Wolfe Island, Ontario (near Kingston)



semi private rate $525 + hst (2 people per room)

shared rate $500 + hst (3-4 people per room)

* Please reserve your spot directly with Shanti Retreat



"Once again, an amazing weekend at Shanti!  The Sacred Relationships retreat with Kristof and Tiffany was relaxing, thought provoking, and inspiring to say the least.  They provided a beautiful, caring environment that allowed for open and honest discussion, personal exploration, and of course some laughter.  A wonderful retreat for both men and women, individuals and couples - simply anyone looking to improve the quality of their relationship with oneself and others.  As well, a big thank you to the wonderful Shanti team who are always so warm and welcoming.  I look forward to relaxing and learning at another retreat (or two) next summer!"
Michelle C.
From the moment you pull up to the picturesque property, you feel your daily stresses begin to wash away. Myself being the yogi, my partner didn't know what to expect, but he was quickly reassured by the number of people 'out of their comfort zone'. The inspiring and real teachers guided us through meditation, open communication and partner yoga exercises with sincerity and acceptance. Everything is optional so you're free to experience the waterfront, water trampoline, kayaks, canoes, hammocks or lounge at you leisure. The yoga was guided and accessible to everyone and the session on tantric sexuality was super interesting. All you need to bring is an open heart and mind, and you'll leave recharged and inspired with a better vision of yourself and your relationship! We will definitely be heading back to the Sacred Relationships Retreat!                                                                                      Kat 'n' Pat
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
— Rumi