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ADVANCED SERIES of WORKSHOPS @ Stoney Lake Wellness - Lakefield, ON

  • Stoney Lake Wellness 3355 Lakefield Rd Harcourt, ON, K0L Canada (map)

ADVANCED SERIES of Workshops @ Stoney Lake Wellness

* These Series' are open to anyone, irregardless of past experience in yoga or meditation.

* For Yoga Teachers - CEs (Continuing Education Credits) are available upon completion of any of these series and can lead towards a 300hr YTT certification with Living in the Self. Please contact us for further info.


Meditation & Self-Enquiry - 6 Week Series (starting May 11 & June 22)

Join us in a series of 6 Monday evenings to explore and practice meditation as it is explained and understood in the classical traditions of Buddhism & Yoga. This will be a cumulative series, each week building upon the last, slowly guiding you through the foundational basics to develop your own meditation and self-enquiry practice.
We will work with 6 different meditation techniques that strengthen specific aspects and inner capacities, helping us to deepen our self-knowing, presence and peace of mind. The techniques taught are derived from various traditions but will complement each other and eventually all lead in the same direction – the revelation of our true nature.

The techniques include: Anapanasati, Vipassana, Samyama, Nada Yoga, Japa, Walking Meditation, Sufi Meditation, Mindfulness & Atma Vichara.

Everyone is welcome, no previous meditation experience is required – just bring openness and a beginners mind.

Dates: 7 Monday - Starting May 11 or June 22, 2015: 8-9:15 pm

Location: Stoney Lake Wellness, Lakefield, Ontario

Investment: $75


Divine Healing Food - 6 Week Series (starting May 27) 

This series will focus upon uncovering the ways in which food can be true medicine for our bodies, minds, families, planet and beyond! Food is one of our greatest connections to pure life, energy and abundance, yet so many of us have lost our way. Let your taste buds, your appetite and your hopefulness be renewed during this series, which will truly overhaul the way in which you relate to food, eating and cooking.

The majority of these classes will be hands on and will give you both the knowledge and the know-how to approach food in new ways that are both timely and cost-effective, while always providing the maximum health for all parts of you and the planet. 

Some of the topics to be covered:

- Mindful eating & Conscious Cooking

- The importance of proper Food combining & Ph Balance for your radiant health

- Plant-based, Whole foods & Living/Raw Food Diets - what you need to know and how to find your nutritional balance.

- Fasting, Cleansings and Detoxing - what is appropriate for you?

- Ayurveda - Bioindividuality, The 6 Tastes, Seasonal Influences & How to eat for your type

Things you will learn to make effortlessly: Juices & Smoothies; Elixirs & Tonics; 5-minute Raw Soups; Vegan Pates, Spreads & Dressings; Non-Dairy Milks & 'Cheezes'; Sprouting; Fermented Foods - Kombucha, Water Kefir, Miso & Sauerkraut; Dehydrator Raw Favorites - Falafels, Pizza, Lasagna, Live Crackers; Ethnic Foods - Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Mexican & Middle-Eastern;  Vegan, Gluten and Sugar-Free Desserts & Snacks….and more!

Dates: 6 Wednesdays - Starting May 27, 2015: 7-9 pm

Location: Stoney Lake Wellness, Lakefield, Ontario

Investment: $150 for the series


The Chakras Revealed - 7 Week Series (starting May 26)

In these 7 classes we will move through an exploration of the subtle anatomy of the Pranic body and the system of the "Chakras". You will discover the ways in which the Chakras affect your physical, emotional and psychological lives and how you can bring harmony to your being through various practices of Yoga, Meditation & Daily Mindfulness. Each week will be dedicated to one of the Chakras, beginning with an understanding of its key influences on our being and followed by a guided Laya Yoga practice. 

After these 7 classes the Chakras will not be a mere spiritual enigma, but instead an applicable and detailed map to allow true understanding of the inner and outer universe of existence. You will possess the tools to harmonize and fine-tune your resonance with the Chakras, to increase your connection to life-force energy and in turn to bring a wealth of benefits to your life and consciousness.

Dates: 7 Tuesday - Starting May 26, 2015: 7-9 pm

Location: Stoney Lake Wellness, Lakefield, Ontario

Investment: $150