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Compassionate Communication Workshop - Chatham, Ontario

  • Erieau Ontario Canada (map)

This will be an introductory workshop offering both the tools and the reframing of consciousness to remember our truly inherent and natural state of compassion...

Compassionate Communication or Nonviolent Communicationsm (NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg, guides us to reframe how we express ourselves, how we hear others, resolve conflicts and live in connection with others by focusing our consciousness on what we are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting. It is a tool that leads us toward a quality of connection among people where everyone’s needs are valued and get met through compassionate giving—out of the joy of contributing to another human being.
The potency of NVC is in its pragmatic simplicity. In any moment, there are two ways to enhance connection & understanding: (1) vulnerably express our own feelings &
needs, or (2) empathically listen to the feelings & needs of the other. These are radically different choices than we are accustomed to experience when we are in conflict: namely, fight, submit or flee.
While simple, NVC is often challenging to embody because we are so deeply conditioned to perceive each other through judgments. With practice, the tool of NVC helps us navigate within ourselves to transform blame & judgment--where neither our own needs nor those of the other person are likely to be met--into a mutual awareness of human needs.

Purpose of NVC

  • To inspire compassionate, heartfelt connection so that all needs may bevalued
  • To connect to the life in ourselves and others
  • To be inspired and to inspire others to give from the heart


What NVC is not …

NVC is not about being nice; it's about being real. 

It's not about stifling intensity, but transforming it.

NVC is not about changing other people or getting them to do what we want. It's
about creating connection & understanding.

NVC is not a technique or formula. It's a process that helps guide our consciousness to
a new awareness.


Date: Sunday May 4th - 10am-5pm (with a 1 hour lunch break)

Investment: $65 (or $130 for both this workshop and the Divine Healing Food Workshop_

Location: Erieau, Ontario

Contact: Karen Sanchuk -