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Sacred Relationships Retreat - LEVEL 2 - Ontario, Canada

  • Pine Vista Resort 932 Gilchrist Bay RD Douro-Dummer, Ontario Canada (map)

This is our Level 2 Sacred Relationships Retreat, which is intended for those who have attended the Level 1 retreat and are looking to dive in deeper, both into these teachings and the depth of this practice within their relationships and lives.

Some of the topics covered will include:

~ Tantric Sexuality - Further exploration of classical tantra with more focus on practical applications

~ Mantra & Yantra - Discover the powerful practices associated with sacred sound and geometry, as well as an introduction to the Mahavidyas (The 10 Wisdom Goddesses)

~ Massage & Loving Touch - Learn ways to offer and receive healing touch that can both regulate, arouse and purify the energetic, nervous and emotional/mental systems and bring increased awareness to sensuality, pleasure and deep relaxation.

~ Yoga practice - More Partner Yoga (including flying!) and further exploration of individual asanas for the tantric practice as well as overall genital/reproductive health.

~ Meditation (Metta & Tonglen) - Together we will explore meditation practices that focus upon opening our hearts to connection, pure love and compassion with ourselves, our lovers and in our general relation to others.

~ Breathwork/Pranayama - Further initiations into breathing techniques that can offer the benefit of guiding and directing the sexual energy to bring about states of deep peace, love and presence.

~ Compassionate Communication - We will offer ways to remember and maintain empathic, loving and connected communication with your partner, how to deeply listen and honor your own needs and the needs of the other, and how to move forward without blame or shame from times of discord and disconnection.

* This course will be comfy and applicable for both singles and couples, and there will be absolutely no nudity or explicit exercises.



Friday - Arrival by 6 pm, Settle in, Dinner & Evening Session

Saturday - Sessions throughout the day

Sunday - Morning Session, Lunch and Departure by 4 pm



Pine Vista Resort

Lakefield, Ontario, Canada

+1 800-6334-2848



$300 per person or $550 per couple + hst

*$500 per couple + hst - Earlybird discount before April 9, 2014

* Includes all teachings, accommodation, delicious food, beautiful walking trails, hot tubs, etc.