Kristof & Tiffany GET MARRIED!

Hi Everyone!

We scrapped the canoe-in camping idea as it didn't suit everyone and wasn't as simple as hoped for. Instead we have found a beautiful intentional retreat center and community in Lanark, Ontario that we feel really echoes how we want to spend this special weekend together with all of you.

Our Intentions?

To take a time to honor our union in a sacred gathering with our dearest sangha friends!

To have a relaxed, joyful, celebratory time that is about connection to each other and coming together in a beautiful, serene place.

To enjoy a full weekend that will include our vedic ceremony, love-filled meals, beautiful live music, long forest walks, pond swims, yoga and meditation, dancing our bums off and tons of relaxation.


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All of the food will be vegan - any other needs?

Logistics, you ask?:

LOCATION: Here is the link. (They are new and the website is still being updated, but it gives you an idea) - (RR 4, 453 Dobbie Rd, Lanark, Ontario)

DATES:  Friday, Aug. 5 - Sunday, Aug. 7        (India: December 11)

We invite all of you to come and spend the entire weekend with us there. We would love that! 

Ceremony Time: SATURDAY, AUG. 6  -  10 am


ACCOMMODATIONS: You can book directly with the retreat centre by e-transfering your payment to: Once the rooms are booked, camping will be the next option.

Options: (Note that all bathrooms are shared and some are in the great outdoors)

Rooms: $50 per person/per evening. Camping: $25 per tent/per evening - unlimited

There are 9 rooms in total:

  • 6 rooms that accommodate 2 people or 1 couple
  • 2 rooms that will accommodate 4 people/2 couples
  • 1 room that will accommodate 3-4.

E-transfer message: For T & K's wedding (& your selection - i.e.. 1 room for 2 adults)

Security Question: What's the intention? / Answer (Password): lovealot



Dear friends, in considering our wedding, we realized that we would love to have a space that aligns with our deepest values and celebratory vibe. In saying that, alcohol won't be served and we would really appreciate maintaining an alcohol and drug-free environment. We are hopeful that all will survive, that the liters of kombucha served will provide enough yogi moonshine buzz for hours of dancing and we are prepared to hold a shamanic withdrawal healing rebirth ceremony for those who are truly suffering (in jest!).

Of course we want to honor everyone's freedom and choice, and if you really want to have a few personal drinks please feel free to do so..."in your car, off the property, hidden in the woods, or at home when you return on Monday" (...adds Kristof). 



We are simply so grateful that you’ll be able to join us for our union. As many of you know, we are ever-mobile and don't have a permanent dwelling to be filled with household items. In fact, it all goes into storage each time we leave the country! Without sounding too cliche, your presence means so much to us and we really look forward to that more than anything. Please do not feel obligated to give anything beyond that. For those who have expressed an interest in offering a gift, substantial, large sums of money can be deposited into our account in Panama. Write us for further details...



* Instruments

* Outdoor toys - frisbees, balls, kites, etc.

* Weather gear - for rain and sun, mosquitoes and black flies

* Fold-out lawn chairs & Umbrellas; Picnic blankets

* Yoga Mats & Cushions (We will bring some as well!)

* Kids! (As long as they're yours)

See you all in 1 month! 

Love, Kristof & Tiffany