Experience the potency of Vichara Yoga or the Yoga of Inquiry, which finds its roots in Classical Hatha Yoga and Atma Vichara (Self-Enquiry Meditation). In practice, it is a coming together of traditional asana, pranayama, concentration, meditation and many other inspirations that are all done in the light of self-exploration and profound inner contemplation.

Having spent years retreating and living in India, Tiffany brings together the ancient wisdom of Yoga & Meditation into an approachable and insightful manner that is highly relevant and accessible. The teachings stay true to the original intention of yoga to offer revelation and awakening, and inspire students to use the path of effortless abiding and self-awareness to uncover their deepest truth and most natural state. 

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 "I have been doing yoga every day...and you have been my inspiration! I remember fondly the quality of your voice to bring me to stillness, the loving suggestions to modify my position or my breath, and the sense of coming home to myself. I have deep gratitude for this gift of yoga which is a practice of self love...and I have a completely different body now!" - Martha Lasley, "Coaching for Transformation" & Author

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Meditation in various forms is taught in every spiritual tradition and is considered the most potent and necessary practice for those who really want to gain deeper understanding of the Self and rest in true inner peace.

Having retreated for many years with great masters of Meditation and Self-Enquiry, as well as spending extended periods of time in solitude retreats, Tiffany offers meditation not as a thing to be done but as a remembrance of ones truest being. Whether it is in her offerings of silent retreats, satsang, workshops or one-on-one sessions, she offers meditation practices coming from the Buddhist tradition, Advaita Vedanta and Classical Yoga.

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"The time I spent with Tiffany was transformative. The teachings, meditation, and yoga were profoundly impactful and I am so grateful for her mastery and passion." - Rory Freedman, New York Times Bestselling Author

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How do we bring sacredness and sexuality together as one? How do we remember that coming together with another is a true art of love? How do we awaken to the  depths of our being through union with another being? That is the aim of Tantra. 

Tiffany offers the experiential wisdom of Tantra & Sacred Relationships through various courses, workshops, couples retreats, mens and womens' retreats and private consultations and coaching.

Whether you are looking to bring a new depth and understanding to your relationship or to bring more freedom, joy and intimacy into your life, the teachings of Tantra can offer you with both the tools and a new vision as to the intention of sexuality and relationships.

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"It is with a huge and warm heart that your workshop has left us. It looks like it was exactly what we needed to find serenity and faith again in the connection with ourselves. Thank you for all that you shared, all that you give, and for helping us nourish our souls..."

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Sharing the teachings of Yoga & Meditation is an inspiring path of service that has the potential to be a great gift to the lives of many. The Living in the Self teacher trainings combine the restorative potential of Hatha Yoga with a great focus upon the subtle energetic dimensions of Kundalini and Laya Yoga. These trainings are highly comprehensive, including instruction into Yoga Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mindfulness, Mantra, Ayurveda, Tantra & much more!

It is a greatly empowering process that inspires and ignites enthusiasm and mastery in many students on their personal path in deepening their love for yoga or on their way to becoming a great teacher.

"Tiffany and Kristof are two of the most dedicated teachers I have met in thirty years. Their dedication to fostering love, compassion and community through yoga is so palpable, I couldn’t help but immediately feel like I was exactly where I needed to be when I joined the YTT. My life has changed in immense ways, and while I signed up for my own spiritual practice, my already full teaching career is blossoming more. You will never find a YTT like this. It is holistic, comprehensive, sacred, and extremely challenging for spiritual and physical growth…" - Marie Rolfe, Author & Teacher

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Tiffany teaches a diversity of offerings all infused with her passion and love for Ayurveda, Yogic Healing, Spiritual Nutrition, and Cleansing. She is an accredited Ayurvedic Practitioner and continues to study with her beloved teacher Dr. Vasant Lad as well in India with her dear friend and Ayurvedic Vaidya Dr. Sukumar Sardeshmukh. Together with her comprehensive background in the healing capacity of yoga, holistic nutrition and whole-food culinary arts, she brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to each of her offerings. Whether it through Yoga Therapy sessions, Ayurvedic consultations, Conscious Cooking immersions or Private Coaching Sessions, the way in which you look upon the connection to your body, your food and your health will be entirely shifted and re-aligned.  

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"Tiffany's workshop addressed food in a different way than most cooking classes...She is a walking human encyclopedia regarding nutritional information, who addresses the issue of food examined from a spiritual standpoint. I learned so many amazing things that allowed me to transform my diet to a healthier alternative, and improve my perspective on cooking and eating consciously. Bon appetite!" - Tonya Anderson, Psychologist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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