Conscious Connection

Ruminations on Love & Relationships…

Close Your Eyes. Fall in Love. Stay There ~ Rumi


Come already Full. When we come to another from a place of fullness we are not craving or seeking for anyone to complete us or to fill up any sense of emptiness. From this feeling of wholeness we can meet our partner in a space free from expectations and instead see them as an enrichment to our lives. 


Cultivate Freshness & Presence. How would you be with your partner if you awoke each day in the freshness of the beginning? Maintaining this sense of curiosity and exploration, as well as letting go of assumptions, will allow you to embrace them just as they are and give them the space to shift and grow freely.


Take Time – Take time to be together & apart. Weave moments of intentional togetherness into your life (a weekly date night, a shared passion or a practice such as ‘eye-gazing’). Also take space to be alone, to self-reflect and to maintain that connectedness to your own inner being.


Never Stop Playing – Play brings magic, lightness, laughter and innocence into our lives. Find ways to let that sense of play be free and you’ll notice how it enlivens effortless joy and spontaneity in your relationship.


Self-Responsibility – Know that your partner can be one of your greatest mirrors and catalysts for growth. Recognizing this will allow you to see the reflections you receive as gifts rather than attacks, even in times when it is uncomfortable.


Create a Manifesto – Why have you come together as a couple? What is the great purpose of this partnership? Find time to sit down and write your own “relationship manifesto”, including your vision for why you’re together and what you hope it will bring to your lives.


Make Love – Lovemaking nourishes the relationship and our hearts. Explore sexuality together, step outside the comfort of routines and allow lovemaking to be a spontaneous celebration of intimacy, sacred connection and LOVE.


With Love,



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