Class Descriptions

Hatha – Level 1

A practice devoted to the fundamentals of Classical Hatha Yoga, covering the essentials that form the foundation of a safe, effective, and enjoyable yoga practice. These classes will allow you to discover the essence of yoga, exploring postures (asana), breath (pranayama), chakras, energy, awareness, meditation and deep relaxation. New elements are introduced in every class making this the perfect class for beginner and advanced students alike, where you can explore yoga in a safe and supported manner.


Hatha – Level 2

Building upon our foundational Level 1 class, these classes take us even deeper, introducing new challenging practices and techniques, increasing our capacity for awareness and cultivating a deepened sense of self-connection and inner harmony.


Laya Flow

Drawing upon traditional Hatha & Laya Yoga, a flowing series of postures with a perfect balance between dynamic movement, deep stretches, chakra awareness and stillness.


Surya Flow

A beautiful morning practice designed to connect us with the rhythms of our bodies and the rhythms of nature, with a focus upon sun salutations and postures that awaken and open our hearts.



Intensive practices coming from the Indian & Tibetan Yoga Traditions, which are specifically geared towards safely and harmoniously stimulating and directing ‘Kundalini Energy’. In the classes we work with Postures, Breath and Meditation.



A gentle practice suitable for all practitioners. Restorative yoga, gentle movements, meditation, chanting and pranayama (conscious breathing practices) will come together to create a deeply renewing and regenerative practice. It will be a time for deeper self-connection, introspection and relaxation in body, mind and heart.


Pre-Natal Yoga

Classes specifically tailored for mothers-to-be…practicing prenatal yoga, breathing deeply and relaxing profoundly all aid in nurturing oneself during the sacred time of pregnancy. These classes will focus upon self-care for mommy, preparing for the special time of birth, bringing deep connectedness with the child and offering peace, serenity and healthfulness to yourself and that little one inside.


Yoga for Men

A yoga practice specifically tailored for the male structure, bringing a blend of challenging, vigorous practices alongside slow, mindful deep stretches and relaxation.


Kids Yoga

Fun, Play, Focus, Creativity, Joy & Balance all rolled into one class specific for Kids ages 4-12. We will dance, sing, play, move, connect and laugh!


Teen Yoga

A practice designed specifically for teens. Challenging, fun and explorative, this class focuses upon bringing balance, compassion and awareness into our lives. For Teens ages 12-18


Family Yoga

Come play together! Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Uncles, Sisters, Brothers and Little Ones…bring the little one in your life or bring the whole family for this fun, connecting and joyful practice. All are welcome from the tiniest tots and beyond!


Partner Yoga

Come have fun with your partner, whether it’s your husband, your friend, your sister or your daughter! Partner yoga expands the traditional practice of Yoga into the realm of relationship and connection with others, utilizing the forms and principles of individual posture while incorporating the presence of another to deepen the impact of the experience. Together we cultivate compassion, trust, balance, creativity and play!


Karma Class

This is a donation-based class – all proceeds go to a local charity.