Spring into spring with these Ayurvedic Considerations

As spring arrives it brings with it growth, birthing, blossoming, moisture, aliveness and movement after a long long winter of hibernation! During this time it can be so helpful to understand the Ayurvedic considerations during seasonal changes and the ways to spring effortlessly and with joy into this new phase.

Here are some things to consider for this upcoming Spring:


Get moving – during spring, "Kapha" is active and this can lead us to feel heavy, bogged down, inert (especially after a long, hard winter), so find something that gets you moving and springing into the new season...like planting a garden!

Connect with Nature – as nature wakes up, taking a walk and connecting with the earth can inspire that waking up in our own hearts…let nature be your teacher and inspire you to find your perfect balance and transition into spring.



Think Light – just like bears, during the winter months we hibernate, store and sustain our vitality through rich heavy foods, but as the weather lightens and new growth reveals itself, the diet should reflect this with lighter meals.

Release 'Ama' – Ama is a buildup of toxicity in our systems and we can flush it out by purifying our diet, practicing yoga and pranayama, using herbs such as triphala and generally increasing our digestive fire, but also through cleansing recipes using bitter greens or warm drinks such as: a large glass of hot water with a pinch of cayenne, 1/4 lemon, 1 tsp raw honey and a 1/2 tsp of raw apple cider vinegar.

Turn up the Heat – in Ayurveda we speak of the importance of maintaining the ‘Agni’ (digestive fire) to ensure healthful, balanced digestion, metabolism and absorption. Add a little spice to your meals and have a cup or two of herbal chai to set that internal heat ablaze.



Growth – allow spring to be the time of letting go of the storage from winter and moving into new blossomings and growth in your life. Start a new course, change something key in your life to contribute to your opening and work on the heart chakra corresponding to that aliveness and flowering in our lives and consciousness.

Dynamism – let your practice get a little more dynamic, especially if you are feeling a little tired or heavy (physically and mentally), waking up that internal heat through more intense practice and 'Bhastrika' (fire breath). The key is balance so if at any point you notice “Pitta” is becoming imbalanced, ease off the intensity…


Generally, enjoy this time of abundance and new beginnings and allow yourself to be open to any emerging new possibilities arriving in your life!


With Love,



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